Monday, October 10, 2011

Wit's End Ranch-Homeschool Field Trip

I really like being home schooled, and I like going on field trips with TACHE, especially since Mom is the field trip coordinator.Wit's End Ranch is a neat place that sells rag doll cats and cute puppies, plus is kind of like a petting zoo, has a little kid and big kid zip line...But I'm getting ahead of myself. I should probably start at the beginning.:-)

There is a "mini tractor (and bulldozer!)riding" area for younger kids, but several older kids,including me and Christopher, joined in with our younger siblings! The bulldozer Andrew (and Christopher!)are on really scooped dirt.
I bet it built a BIG sand castle!

It was hard to pedal it.
 I tried the little kid zip line first.:-) Dad nicely pushed all of us so we could go fast!
There was also a bigger zip line, which was really fun too.
Then we went on  the hayride to see the "animals". It was just toy animals stuck in trees and plastic faces in trees, but it was kind of cute and the younger kids seemed to like it. The tree faces looked a little bit this one I found on the Internet. They had funny names, like "Kissy" and "Lucy the Lion".
                                     One of the owners, named Julie,is really nice. She raises Ragdoll Cats and Cairn dogs. She brought some Ragdoll kittens to show us.
Ragdoll cats are white or gray. They love fetching things and have cute blue eyes.Purebred Ragdolls are pretty pricey-the kittens are $650.00! However, they are really cute!Ms. Julie did not have any Cairn dogs old enough to bring to the barn, so I did not get to see any. <--(but this pic was on the website.) Aren't  they soooooo cute? :-) Before we saw the animals, though, we had lunch. It was a hot dog, juice and a fruit gummy.  On the hayride, the driver pointed to a plastic rat....
Driver: Do you see that rat?
Kids: Yeah!
Driver:Who is getting a hot dog today?
Kids: Me! ME! Me!
Driver: That's what we make the hot dogs out of- rats!
Kids: Ewwww! Yuck! Hey, that's sorta cool...
So, as you can probably guess, only I and a handful of other older kids and grownups partook in the hot dogs.:-)  All in all, I recommend Wit's End  Ranch, although it is geared more for younger kids. If you ever want to visit, the address is: 651 VZ CR 1319 Grand Saline, TX 75140.                                              

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