Saturday, May 28, 2011




  A few days ago we went to the new FRESH store. It was made by the people who own Brookshire's, but it is bigger than Brookshire's and supposed to have the FRESHest ingredients. They had a make- your-own gelato bar, a granola bar,a taco bar, different fruits from all over the world, and a restaurant. There was a  sushi counter, a cheese counter, and a meat counter with  sushi, cheese, and meat from all over the world.  Plus, they had  regular grocery store stuff. AND they had an awesome bakery. I got to get a little key lime pie tart at the bakery. It was topped with toasted marshmallows in the shape of the flower.So cute! There were people called FRESHologists, and their job is to give, you samples of new foods and encourage you to make/try them. It is in Tyler. Here is the address- you should go there!  
6991 Old Jacksonville Hwy
Tyler, TX 75703

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


 We are doing a "Japan Study". Here is one of my reports (I shortened it for the blog) on people, places, and things in Japan:
     Nagasaki is one of Japan's major cities. It is located on one of the many islands that make up Japan. The island is called Kyushu.Since Nagasaki is surronded by water, it was a major trading port with other countries during the 16th century. When Japan passed a law banning trades with all other countries except Korea,the Netherlands, and China, a port in Nagasaki became the only port in Japan still trading with all other countries. The port was called Dejima.  One of Nagasaki's famous deserts is the Nagasaki Castella sponge cake. It is fluffy, light, and moist. It's believed the cake originated in Spain, and was brought to Nagasaki during the 16th century by Portuguese monks. Nagasaki was bombed during the end of WW2.During this time, many of Nagasaki's historic buildings were destroyed. However, Nagasaki is still a interesting place to visit.

Monday, May 23, 2011


 In my science, I am learning about the greenhouse effect. A greenhouse is covered in clear glass or plastic, right? So when the sun's rays pass through the clear glass or plastic,it warms the things inside. Then these things in turn reflect some of the heat. But, when the heat tries to get out, it can't, because it is trapped by the glass.Our atmosphere acts a lot like a greenhouse. The sun's rays = short waves that come through the atmosphere and warm stones, dirt, and water. The reflected heat rays are really long rays, which means it is really hard for them to get through the atmosphere. They are surrounding by water vapor and carbon dioxide in the air. This is called the greenhouse effect. If it weren't for the water vapor and carbon dioxide, Earth would be too HOT! More of Earth's warmth is being trapped by the greenhouse effect, and scientists have found a warming trend in our climate. All though they are not quite sure what will become of all this,some think unusual weather patterns will result.
  To find out how the greenhouse effect works, gather 2 thermometers, a shoe box, and a sheet of clear plastic. Then,put one thermometer in the box. Cover it with plastic. Place the other one beside it, uncovered. Try to put them both in full sun. Observe them both. The one in the box should get a higher temp. Why? Because the box acts like a mini greenhouse.

Sunday, May 22, 2011


 Hey! Yesterday we went to my Aunt's surprise party (yes, she was surprised!)and it was really cool. It was at this fun restaurant called Villa Montez in Tyler. The cake was made by a friend and it is awesome!  It was vanilla and chocolate with homemade fondant.
                                 Their were 4 menu choices, Steak, Shrimp, Chicken, or Enchiladas. My dad had the chicken, Mom had the shrimp, I had enchiladas, and the boys split the steak.                        

                                                                       Isn't this sooo cute?!
                                                               My surprised Aunt.
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Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Miracle Worker

         Anne Sullivan is known as Helen Keller's teacher, but many people don't know about her early life.            
  Anne Sullivan was born on April 14,1866 in the Feeding Hills subdivision, a notoriously bad area of town. Sadly, her father, Thomas Sullivan, was a heavy drinker, and often beat Annie. Sometimes he would tell stories of life back in Ireland, and his children, Annie and her younger siblings, James, and Mary loved them. Yet at other times they would hide from him. :,-( Annie's mother, Alice, was gentle and kind, though she was often sickly. This was hard on the family, and because Annie was half-blind, and James was lame, none of them could work. Mary was too young to work, and Thomas wasn't able to keep a job, so the family was very poor. After their mother died of tuberculosis, Annie and James were sent to Tewksbury, the poorhouse, but healthy, pretty little Mary was adopted by a great-aunt. At Tewksbury, Annie and James were not separated, as boys and girls usually were, because feisty Annie clung to him, refusing to be separated. When a worker tried to move James, Annie hit him.
  When James became ill and died a few months later, Annie was devastated. Her eyes were getting worse, and she was miserable. Trying to cheer her up, another poorhouse resident told her of The Perkins Institute for the Blind. It became her dream. Annie found out that the President of The Perkins Institute for the Blind was coming to Tewksbury for some reason, (maybe a inspection?) she was thrilled. She gathered all her courage,and met him at the gate, crying, "Oh,please, sir, I want to go to school!" Annie got her wish. After graduating, however, she confessed that she "had no idea what to do next". So, at the ripe old age of 20, she accepted a position that would make her famous: teaching a little deaf-blind girl named Helen.Helen was "almost as feisty as I," Annie wrote to a friend,"and to hear her father talk, you'd think the southerners won every battle in the War."(Civil War) Helen was indeed feisty, even breaking two of Annie's teeth on one occasion, but she had met her match.
       When Helen's parents let her get away with everything, she and Annie moved to a little cottage on the Keller's property. There, Helen finally learned to "finger-spell', something Annie had been constantly trying to teach her. They were  standing by a pump, and as Annie pumped, she spelled "w-a-t-e-r "in Helen's hand. As Helen said later," I understood that "w-a-t-e-r "was the wonderful cool something on my hand." Helen and Annie spent the next 49 years together. Helen was known to say, "The day my teacher came to me was my soul's birthday!"

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Dallas Arboretum

 We went to the Dallas Arboretum, and I got some awesome photos of the flowers in bloom. They were having a fairytale castle event, where little castles from fairy tales were set up to walk through. It was really cute. The arboretum also has a big lake, and koi ponds.I loved the koi pond waterfall, because it was pretty and relaxing.                                           A castle!
                                                     GIANT koi
                                                I thought this was!
There was a little educational frontier village,which was neat. If you are ever in Dallas, you should go. They have things for everyone.


Me and my littlest brother both LOVE cheesecake. We found a delicious recipe, which is what I made for the project show. I posted the link for the recipe below. The trickiest part of this is the Oreo crust, which my mom makes. The cake is actually easy once you get the crust down. It takes a while to cook and chill, but it is soooo worth it. The recipe mentions a spring-form pan. You NEED this, otherwise the cake will not work. Trust me! We (finally!) found one at Wal-mart. Ours is pretty and red, and it works! The cheesecake turned out great, if you see the photo below.

Monday, May 9, 2011

A little poem by me..

 These little shells must be tiles
From a famous, miniscule monarch's home.
This piece of bottle was a glass window,
Washed away in the foam.
Some tiny king was happy when he
Came to this stately palace of sand.
“Ah!”,cried he, ”From here I shall
rule my land”

Friday, May 6, 2011

Pediatric nursing

I want to be a pediatric nurse, because I enjoy helping people and working with kids. Here is an article I wrote about it:
  Pediatric Nursing Q and A.
Q.What is a pediatric nurse?
A. A nurse who works with kids ages 0-17. She also helps explain what's wrong to kids and their families.

Q.What kind of training do they need?
A. After graduating from a registered nursing program, they must pass an exam known as the NCLEX-RN. Many also take an exam from the PNCB. After this, they'll be C.P.N's.

Q. How much do they make?

Q.What do they need to be?
A.Compassionate, caring, sympathetic,calm/calming,smart, working well under stress.
Laura Ashley

!!!:-) ********100******** !!!:-)

    I got a 100 on my math test! I am super  EXCITED, because math used to be my worst subject ever. Anyway, I'm learning about time zones and daylight saving time, so, here are some helpful things to remember about time!
1.Spring forward,Fall backward. Set your clocks forward in the spring, and back in the fall.
2. Time zones are an hour earlier in the east, and an hour later in the west.
3. Newfoundland time is not an actual time, because it is only a half hour time difference.
More stuff  I'm learning about;
Proportions,perimeter of rectangular polygons, faces, solids, edges, vertex, withdraw slips,adding\subtracting/multiplying/dividing fractions,etc..:-)!
I also did my science, I'm learning about Galileo.
Galileo wrote an awesome book called Two Principal Systems of the World,but this did not 'go' with popular beliefs,and this caused the Roman church officials to order him jailed. However, they instead confined him to his house, which was fine by him, because he could continue to study the stars from his window. He used a refracting telescope, which he invented after a visit to the world's most famous magnifying-glass maker.

Thanks for reading!