Thursday, February 28, 2013


Hello lovelies! I got my hair cut today, and.. It looks amazing. Happiness really is a great haircut. Soo... are you ready for some pics?
Seriously, you're ready? 
Comment ! I want to know what you think!

Okay, here goes......................................................................................

TA-DA! Isn't it so cute? I just love it!

Lac's angled bob
the back  curled

the back straight

Monday, February 25, 2013

4-H Roundup and Fashion Show

This Saturday was the 4-H  Fashion Show, Roundup(a speech contest) and a Window Wow and storyboard contest. Now, you're probably going "What on earth is Window Wow?!" It's a super fun competition in which teams of 4 people have 1hr+ to design a storefront based on a theme. You have an area about the size of a folding table. This year's theme is "Be True to Who You Are. It's a pretty vague theme, but the idea we came up with was to have a 4-H supply store. Our subtitles is "Be True to Who You Are with 4-H. We'll all bringing 4-H "stuff" like show halters and lead ropes to represent livestock showing, green quilt and sewing supplies for clothing and textiles, etc. There's something for nearly every project!  I can't put a pic up now, because we've advanced to district, and we don't want other teams reading our ideas!
I entered my storyboard in the storyboard contest-basically it's a poster board representing your original design theme based on "BE TRUE TO WHO YOU ARE". You use cute scrapbook paper and embellishments to design it.
Next was the Fashion show. I wore my candy striper outfit like I did in the Academic rodeo, but the 4-H show and the Academic rodeo Show are VERY different. With 4-H you are interviewed for 3 minutes, fill out a worksheet on comparison shopping, and then model the garment. With the AR, you just fill out the sheet and then model.
Then was Roundup. I gave a speech on calories, and how they can be consumed in moderation. There were lots of great speeches, and some amazing Share the Fun people!(Share the fun is when you sing, dance, recite a poem, or play an instrument for roundup, along with your speech.)

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Book Review of Imogene's Last Stand

Picture books. They're deceptively simple, creative,and whimsical, allowing readers of any age to discover their sometimes hidden humor, deep message, or fascinating true story. Imogene's Last Stand is one of those picture books that anyone will enjoy. It's the story of a young girl who is determined to save her town's history, even when no one else will. She begs the town's mayor to save an old historical society that's scheduled for demolition. His response? A shoelace factory  will be built there that will put this town on the map! Will this stop Immie? Of course not! Filled  with quotes by everyone from John Paul Jones to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. to Davy Crockett, this book is sure to leave you wanting more. It has a perfect blend of humor and history, with plenty of witty illustrations and interesting  details. I give this book 2 s up!

Sunday, February 10, 2013


Today was church, and the high school girls Sunday School teacher, Ms. Sally, made all of the girls (including my 8th grade class!) these adorable bouquets. She also served us breakfast-pigs in a blanket, fruit, and  breakfast burritos. Wasn't that sweet? (I feel compelled to mention that there are no longer any candy hearts, and the tootsie rolls are half-gone. Just saying.) But, really, my church is awesome. Our other teacher,Mrs. H, is so encouraging, and she really makes the Bible come alive. Today, for instance, we did a skit on God's word and patience. It was fun, but it wasn't so silly it took away from the lesson, if you know what I mean. That's one of the things I like about her. Oh, and look at this!

Ms. Sally's friend made them for us! Nice, right?! I love it! Now I leave you with this:

Credit goes to

1 thing you absolutely MUST do

You MUST go to this blog:
The young quilter
Seriously, people. One of my BFFs, who just happens to be the most amazingly talented person ever, writes this, and it's SOO good. click the link. You'll be glad you did.