Friday, June 29, 2012

What I've been doing

So, today we took my little brothers to my cousins' to spend the night. Then Mom and I went to Olive Garden. I had ravioli. I have it every time I go there! Then we went to the book store and I got THREE new books, American Girl Mysteries. I've been having trouble finding good books to read. It seems like I've read all the good ones and the only new books are about vampires or zombies and weird things. Anybody have any good book suggestions? Anyways, then we went to Target and bought a baby gift for some friends. I also got some little hair clips so I can do my doll's hair. And then we watched a House Hunter, fed all our pets, and let the dogs out to play. And now I'm blogging! These are the books I got:

Monday, June 25, 2012

When I last blogged, I told ya'll had pneumonia, and I hadn't been feeling like blogging. The medicine I took I was allergic to, and that was a lot of fun. (NOT!) However, thankfully I've been feeling lots better now. I was able to go to church, and both my brothers had their birthdays and we went to the Grapevine mall, (a fun place) and did a lot of fun things there.  Today my aunt surprised us and came to see us. She brought the boys birthday gifts and she even brought me roses as a feel-better-soon gift. It was very sweet. I even went to play practice tonight! So I'm feeling well enough to do lots of things, but I still have to take it kinda easy. I was very excited to here I won a contest over at . Thanks, Erynn!!  I'm soo happy! Have a good night everybody.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Being sick....

So, on the day I wrote my post about the Wizard of Oz, I was feeling really bad. I've been sick since, with a fever, cough, rash, and aches. I went to the doctor today and found out I have pneumonia! ;-( I feel really bad.

However, there are some good things about being sick:
  1.  I watched my new Taylor Swift Concert Experience DVD!
2. Since I have to be in bed, I did and re-did my American Girl dolls' hair. I hadn't played with them in forever, so that was kind of fun.

3. I have to eat lots of Jell-o! (I'm starting to get a little bit tired of it!)

4. I got some fun cups with a pink straw to drink out of. I drank probably a gallon of Sprite!
 5. I got new fun pajamas.

 And now I'm going to leave you =with a quote by L.M. Montgomery(an amazing author!) She uses it to name a chapter in her book Rilla of Ingelside.

It is...."And so, goodnight.";-)  Bye everyone!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Hitty : Her First Hundred Years

Hitty: Her First Hundred Years was first written by Rachel Fields in 1930. Rosemary Wells and Susan Jeffers revised this version. This version is the sometimes sad, sometimes hilarious story of Hitty, a doll who travels all over the world, meeting many people and learning many things. Hitty is carved out of mountain ash wood in Maine for Phoebe Preble, a sea captain's daughter, by a peddler. During her time with Phoebe, many things happen to Hitty, including falling overboard,  living in a tiny temple built for her by natives, and meeting monkeys. But one day, Phoebe falls asleep and drops Hitty unknowingly while being carried back to the ship to head for home. So Hitty is left in a gutter in India and found by a snake charmer and used in his show. Missionaries to India see her there and buy her for their little girl, who later brings her to the States, is embarrassed of Hitty and shoves her in a sofa . Rescued from the sofa by a Quaker girl, Hitty eventually meets Confederate and Yankee soldiers, Abraham Lincoln ,Theodore Roosevelt and his kids, a girl who hates dolls, lots of girls who love dolls, and "some big Irish family in Hyannisport whose name I have forgotten." (she means the Kennedys)

Hitty in the natives' temple 

The house where Hitty is made, the Preble's home, is a real place on Cranberry Island, Maine. You can tour it and buy Hitty dolls! At this site you can buy Hitty paper dolls, learn all about Hitty, and see her new adventures. I really enjoyed the story. I give the book 5 stars! It's a great way to teach history.

image from

Friday, June 15, 2012

The Wizard of Oz

So, I auditioned for and am going to be in The Wizard of Oz (the musical). It'll be my fourth play at this theater. I was Mrs. Beaver in Narnia, Tweedledee in Alice in Wonderland, and Maddie and a mean girl in the Best Christmas Pageant Ever. What part did I get? I'm a manicurist!!  If you watch the video below, you'll see the manicurists. I'm also chorus. It should be really fun as the Wizard of Oz is my favorite movie. We've really been practicing a lot as we have a lot of songs to learn. I'm enjoyed learning all the songs but some of them are really hard. I bought some ruby slippers and have been wearing them to every rehearsal!
The manicurists from The Wizard of Oz.

                                        I found this video on YouTube-it's from the movie.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Gail Carson Levine

I must confess, I am addicted to Gail Carson Levine's books. Fairest, The Two Princesses of Baymare, all the Princess Tales series,and now, Ever.
Starting with Ella Enchanted at age nine, I've been hooked ever since. Her stories are fantasy, yet they have a sense of mystery,too.I like her books because the plots aren't too easy, like in some fantasy books-well, you know-something goes wrong and poof- it's magically swept away by Berna the fairy godmother. What I like about Gail Carson Levine's books is that they aren't like that.

Fairest  is the story of a Aza, a girl who is ugly in a land where everyone believes beauty and singing are the two best qualities on earth. Aza works at her adoring adoptive family's Inn, until a dame who spends the night their invites Aza to come to the palace for a ceremony. No one knows Aza can sing-if someone will give her a chance. But then a kind young prince falls in love with her, despite her looks, and things are going well .Aza even becomes Lady Aza, and is asked by queen Ivi to not only to be her lady in waiting, but to sing-for Ivi. Ivi, who is beautiful yet can't sing forces Aza to sing,making her  throw her voice so it seems the queen can sing. When Aza is caught doing this, however Ivi blames her and banishes her, sending a huntsman to kill Aza(like in Snow White!) Instead the huntsman takes Aza to live with friendly gnomes, were she is well-cared for and happy-until the day a strange apple appears.....


Ever is the story of Kezi, a girl living in ancient times, whose life is put in danger when her father makes a rash promises to the god they believe in , Admat. (Ever sort of reminds me of ancient mythology, with all the gods. ) Through a twist of events, Kezi is destined to be sacrificed to the gods. But not if Olus, the handsome young god of the winds can help it! He comes up with a risky plan to try to turn her into a godess, but if that doesn't work, alll is lost. I read the book 5 times already and cried just a little. It's really,really good. (This is fantasy, of course I do not believe there are a15 gods or any other god than Jesus, the one true God.)

I found all these books at my local library. I absolutely love the library!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Book Review of The Calder Game

  13 year-old Calder Pillay heads to a quaint English town with his father only to find a Calder sculpture in the middle of the square and everyone mad that it's disturbed the village's simple life. And because he's named after the famous sculptor-artist, it seems everyone is mad at him. So when Calder disappears shortly after talking to a strange man in the square, it's up to his friends Tommy and Petra to find him. With people being knocked out, statues vanishing, and a mysterious X that was left in the square as their only clue, it looks like Tommy and Petra have their work cut out for them- as long as they don't disappear, too...

I really liked this book a lot. I enjoyed the illustrations, the plot, and the author's style of writing. In fact, I liked it better than its prequel, Chasing Vermeer. I would recommend reading Chasing Vermeer beforehand, as it gives you a good introduction to the characters.  I also loved that the book included puzzles for you to solve, too. If you like this book, you'll probably enjoy these books, too; Shakespeare's Secret and Masterpiece. Maybe I'll do a review about those books, too.