Sunday, September 30, 2012

4-H Food and Nutrition Boot camp

Our wonderful 4-H agent Jackie and me (I'm in the hat)in our army clothes!
Yesterday our 4-H held a Food and Nutrition day Boot camp.It was really fun! First, I gave two speeches with Power Points on Portion Distortion and Calories. Next, Ms. Jackie told us all to wash our hands. Since all the little kids were being silly with the soap and water, I decided I'd just use hand sanitizer. Then Jackie said "Now we're going to use glow-a-germ to see who washed their hands the best!" Uh-oh. Yep,  I had the dirtiest hands! So I went and washed them again, along with everyone else, and they finally showed up clean.
Next, Mrs. McSwain talked to us about reading a nutrition label. We learned how to read one and tell what food is the healthiest. First, we all chose an item.  Then. we decided which item was healthiest based on the amounts of sugar, sodium, and fats. Some of the most surprising foods turned out to be healthy!(Speaking of which, Lucky charms are healthier than Wheaties!) Then Mrs. Cole taught us about grinding wheat into flour by bringing her mini electric gristmill. She showed us the difference between white flour and wheat flour. White flour tastes almost bitter, but wheat flour tastes sort of nutty.That was very interesting, too.

Thanks, Jackie, for having the camp!


  1. That sounds like a fun camp! I always wanted to be in 4-H when I was a kid, but it was too far away from where I lived.

  2. That was really fun, but I smelled like fish for hours! Hahaha!


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