Tuesday, January 28, 2014

This Week I...

.... made a pineapple upside down cake all by myself...

...worked at the hospital. We had a lot of little kids in for flu, bronchitis, pneumonia, and all those other diseases winter brings. I was able to wheel out  several of our 'pediatric population' (as Dr. E calls them) and help them spend their gift cards in the gift shop. (We give all the kids a gift card for free candy  at the gift shop) That's always so much fun. I also observed a five day old boy with jaundice, and helped prepared his paperwork.  I even got to take a 5 year old on a mini-tour of the hospital while his mom attended a briefing on his case in the conference room. He was so tiny and adorable! His feet couldn't even reach the foot rests on our wheelchair.

 ...practiced and practiced for 4-H food events with my team. Wish us luck, the big competition is Saturday. THIS SATURDAY. AHHHH! ...

...attended a 4-H council meeting with my friend K...
...And am currently sitting at Fresh (They have free WiFi ! Wooh!)  while my little brother Andrew attends a kids cooking class. And now I'd better get to studying my SAT words. I'm still in my scubs; maybe everyone will think I'm an incredibly young doctor writing her dictations. :)

Au revoir, my darlings!

Wow! A lot of you awesome blog readers are from other countries! I was looking through my stats today and was pretty shocked at from where y'all are all from. So, tell me, what's life like where you live? Is it warm or cold right now? Do you like living there? Comment and let me know!
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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Who Was Dr. Josephine Baker?

No, not  the 'bad' Josephine Baker who was famous for immodesty. I mean the life-changing, life-saving Dr. Sarah Josephine Baker of the early twentieth century.
                                                                                Her ||
photo credit: corbis
It was in the 1890's that Josephine  Baker decided to become a doctor. She attented Emily Blackwell' s college. Emily Blackwell was the sister of the famous, first woman doctor Elizabeth Blackwell. After Josephine earned her medical decree, she opened her own practice in New York City, even treating some famous child stars of the day.
But around 1912(the same year the Titanic sank) she decided she wanted to work exclusively with the poor. She'd had experience with them before- the tement residents who slunk in and out of her office, ashamed at their inability to pay. So she became a health inspector, determined to help the  poor.

She began work in the Lower East Side- an area notorious for its awful, slum-like  living conditions. Here children drank beer from milk bottles, played in gutters, and as many as 6,000 people lived in one square mile. Dr. Baker began going door to door, providing free medical exams and care, helping deliver babies and caring for children and newborns. She organized teams of nurses who taught basic hygiene information.

The other health inspectors didn't like her. They often forged records so they could avoid examining poorer patients. They were afraid they would catch  diseases, and they disliked visiting the foul-smelling tenements.

During Dr. Baker's long and colorful career, she helped to catch  'Typhoid Mary', the infamous woman who spread typhoid throughout NewYork, killing many.  Dr. Baker was instrumental in improving healthcare for lower class children and newborns , and is a hero to many for her work.

Playing Games With Nursing Home Residents

So, my 4-H group and I recently volunteered to play games at a local  nursing home. I learned many new skills, the first being wheelchair bowling. You begin by setting up plastic pins in a triangular shape, and then roll a plastic ball into them. My job was to chase the plastic ball, bring it back to the bowlers, and keep score. The bowlers were so precious! One, obviously certain Ella, Elijah, Lainey, and  I were incompetent, would direct  us on everything from how to add the scores to how to set up pins - "one first, the two in the middle, three, and four in the back". One lady wanted to hold Ella and show her how to bowl. And one good-natured woman just laughed when she made a mistake and clapped when she got a strike.
 We set up pins, set up pins, and set up pins. And while that may seem redundant, those ladies NEVER got tired.

Meanwhile, Christopher, Andrew, and several other kids played checkers with some of the other residents. They played endless rounds of checkers and Wahoo, and, I must add, were excellent sports when one woman was caught cheating. (!) They simply grinned and kept playing.

I also re-learned how to play Spoons. My cousin Charles had taught me a long, long time ago, but I promptly forgot. So Abigaile and Colbie, these adorable little sisters in our group, took it upon themselves to teach me. (Thank y'all!) After playing with the nursing home patients for nearly 2 hours, it was time to go. We bade our new friends goodbye and went to Icrave, a delicious frozen yogurt place. It was awesome! I had key lime yogurt and  white chocolate mousse yogurt with white chocolate chips. Oh...It was so good.
Then we headed to Youth Church.

Goodbye for now!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

I'm back!

It's been too long, dahlings! Here's what's been going on in my life lately:
 I participated in my 4-H's County Food Show. I made homemade Chicken Pot Pie, and I placed first in my category, so I'll be advancing to District,then hopefully State! At the same Food Show, I also participated in a Food Challenge(Think Iron Chef or Chopped). My team made the delicious meal below and gave a speech on it to a panel of judges.

My team!

I've also been gearing up for the Academic Rodeo Fashion Show. Instead of modelling a dress, you wear a specialty outfit. So I chose an outfit a female lawyer might wear. I prepared all the paperwork and now just have to model.

 I also wrote an essay on "Good Deeds" for the Academic Rodeo. If I win, I'm eligible for scholarships. Fingers crossed!