Friday, April 19, 2013 not be discouraged...

With so many sad things going on in the news, particularly the Boston Marathon bombings/ hunt for suspects and the West, Texas explosions, it's hard not to get discouraged and worried, but Joshua 1 : 9 gives us some encouraging advice:

When you feel helpless,like you can't do anything to help these two grieving cities, remember there IS something you can do.


I visited Boston when I was 10, and I loved it. It's such a beautiful, historic city. Everywhere you turn, there's a bit of history. Please pray for the friends and family of those wounded or killed, and those being affected by the manhunt.

I live in a little town in Texas not unlike West.  :'( It's just so sad to think something like the explosions could happen here, in a town like mine. Pray for West.


                                                   not be discouraged....

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

God's garden

Our church youth group is starting a garden. In the summer, when the plants are ready to harvest, we'll take fruits and vegetables door to door and witness to the people. Our youth group is pretty small, averaging about eight kids every Sunday. But the "Fabulous Five", made up of my brother and I, My friends JoGail and her older sister Grace, and my brother's friend Brandon, are the main"youth".  We attend all the church functions and help with the church garden. We get together almost every week to make rows, plant seeds or seedlings, water, hoe, and mark rows with string, and sometimes just to talk about plans for the garden. It's been really fun getting to watch the garden grow! After we finish working in the garden, we play games and talk . I  love my youth group and my church!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Book Review of Kiki Strike in the Shadow City

 I discovered a copy of Kiki Strike in the Shadow City  at my local library, and since then, my life has never been the same! No, really. This book is amazing!  Annika, a teenage girl living in Manhattan, is bored. As she looks out her window, she notices a mysterious hole in the ground, with a ladder leading down into it. She finds a secret, tiny underground room! Two construction workers digging a sewer discover her exploring
there, so she leaves. Then, her life changes when she meets Kiki Strike, a girl superspy. Kiki  wears all black, has an "army" of five talented Girl Scouts, and drives her Vespa all over Manhattan. She tells Annika that that little room leads to the Shadow City, a secret series of underground tunnels used as speakeasies and escapes for smuggler in the late 1920s - and it's up to them to protect it from falling into the wrong hands. Annika and Kiki, with the Girl scouts Betty( a master of disguise) , Luz,(an inventor) DeeDee(a talented chemist),and Oona,(a hacker and forger) form a group called the Irregulars, and they explore all over Shadow City. Annika and the other girls begin to wonder if Kiki has an ulterior motive for wanting to explore the Shadow City. Soon they find themselves trying to foil an international kidnaping plot- that could turn deadly for their friend Kiki, who isn't who she says she is....

    5 stars! This book was seriously awesome- like a combination of Nancy Drew and the Mysterious Benedict Society. I can't wait to download the rest of the series on my Kindle!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

What is Easter,and why do we celebrate it?

   When you think the word "Easter", what  comes to mind? Eggs and bunnies, or candy? All those things are fun, (and it's okay to celebrate with them as long as we don't forget the real reason), but why do we celebrate Easter? As Christians, we celebrate Easter for entirely different reasons than most people do. You see, about two thousand years ago, the one and only God sent His Son, Jesus, to live a perfect life, and to die for our sins! God did this because he loved us. Jesus was nailed to a cross, and after a very painful and sad 3 hours He gave up His life. And do you know something? He did this for you. If you're not a Christian, I encourage you to research more about being saved through God's grace.  Jesus did not stay dead; He rose from the dead!  Jesus’ died  for our sins and then He was resurrected . That is why many people call Easter, Resurrection Sunday, because that is exactly what it is. Easter is a happy time because it celebrates Jesus' power over the grave and His power to save us.

 On Easter, we woke up and put our Easter outfits on. I got a new Easter dress, and it is very cute!! Then we looked at what the Easter bunny brought.  I got the Saige American Girl books, and a cool reference book, another hula hoop(so I can do tricks like twirling two at once)plus CANDY! Andrew and Christopher got neat items as well, but I don't want to steal their thunder, so head over to their blogs to see what they say!Then we went to church. I always have fun in Sunday school with all my awesome friends! In 'big' church' our church choir did a wonderful musical, then the men's trio sang my favorite hymn "It is Finished". I wish I could transport all of you to my church and let you hear them sing. It's amazing. It gives me chills, it sounds so amazing!

Well, I hope you all had a great Easter as well ! Let me know how yours went!

Vaya con dios, Jackie!

don't ask...  : )
Jackie and me being silly at the Food boot camp
*Vaya con dios is a Spanish expression meaning "Go with God"

(wails) "Well, our wonderful 4-H agent Jackie is leaving meeeee!*sniffles* *sobs*"

Okay, I'm being melodramatic. They don't call me Drama Queen for nothing! But, really. Jackie is moving  to a new job! Who else will explain the mysteries of 4-H to me? Jackie was more than an agent, she was a friend. In the year and a half she was here with  our 4-H Jackie taught the 4-H groups about Food Show, Fashion show, Roundup, and everything else 4-Hish. She also put up with lots of phone calls from confused 4-Hers and their parents. She loaned me her laptop for my PowerPoint on Roundup, she drove cars filled with us 4-hers , and she would come over to my house and cook with my Mom.  She's an awesome agent, and as my friend Anna and I say she's :"The best 4-H lady ever!" She's a great influence, has a good heart, and is simply a really fun person! I hope she has an amazing time at her new job and that everything works out for her! Good luck Jackie! I'm praying for you! Love ya girl!!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Volunteering @ the Special Needs Kids Egg Hunt

Hello! Long time no post! Sorry about that. I've been busy. But don't worry, darlings- I'll fill you in on every fascinating detail of my life. :-)
    Last Friday I got to volunteer with my 4-H group at the special needs egg hunt. Two school buses full of the most adorable l kids ever came, and as soon as they got off the bus we volunteers were paired with them. I was paired with the cutest little girl named Aleyah. The instant her teacher said "This is Laura Ashley. She's going to help you hunt eggs" Aleyah ran and gave me an enormous hug, then grabbed my hand and led me towards the big field where they'd hunt Easter eggs. She was so sweet! We had so much fun together, as she would carefully open each plastic egg, then hand them to me to be closed just as meticulously. She loved this! We opened and closed easter eggs for a good ten minutes! Then I got to visit with  a girl named Kylie. She was in a wheelchair, but that didn't stop her from gathering lots of eggs. My friend's little brother, Ben, was so hilarious! When some of the eggs the kids were getting rolled under a fence, he jumped the fence, handed them the egg, saluted,and walked off. It was very funny! I had a really good time helping the kids.I've gotten to do so many awesome volunteer opportunities that I never would have got to do without 4-H. This was amazing, and I definitely want to help again! Everyone was so nice. I can't wait for next year!