Monday, October 10, 2011

Book Review

Recently we went on a Military Living History field trip and it was really cool! The man who owns the place is a real author who  writes good books, and I got some and had them signed by him! The 2 books I got are shown here. The author's name is Tom Townsend., and he is really nice and a good writer. His books rock! While they did have a little bit about sorcery and a pirate shoot-out, they are still really good. They are historical fiction. The books follow Jem and his friends Talva and Raif as they uncover the mystery of his father,who is Jean Lafitte, the pirate! All Jem wanted was to find his father and travel with him, but that is too dangerous. Jem has to be content with only occasionally seeing him- till a new adventure brings them together. In the book, there are several animals, including a seagull named Mariah, a dog named Getanna, and a Falcon.Well, actually, there is a boat called Falcon and a mysterious falcon locket that just might hold all kinds of secrets... Jem, Raif, and Talva get into all kinds of adventures with pirates, dogs, and ships. The books take place in the late1800's.The books are based on Galveston Island,Texas, and I've been there a lot, which is really cool! Now when I go there I'll think about the books. Anyway, back to the books. These books are good for boys and girls. I recommend these books highly! They are well-written and exciting, plus educational. They are funny, too. Read the whole series-Where the Pirates Are, The Dark Ships, or Powderhorn Passage -today!

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