Saturday, May 5, 2012

Thoroughly Modern Millie

We went to see my cousin preform in Thoroughly Modern Millie, Jr. , and it was great! Basically, the play is  set in the 1920's and is about a small-town girl who comes to a big city, falls in love, and helps capture a ring of kidnappers who sell people into white slavery!! There are a lot of funny characters, songs, and dances.(However, one downside is that Millie and Jimmy, followed by the Ensemble, sneak into a speakeasy (a bar) and are arrested during a police raid.)

Christopher, Andrew, and I with our cousin David.

The characters that were my favorite were:

Millie Dillmount
A young, "modern" woman from a tiny town in Kansas. She wants to marry her boss just because she read a story about that in a magazine.She ends up marrying Jimmy instead. YAY!
Jimmy Smith
A handsome young salesman. He acts poor and is kind to Millie when, lost and alone, she first arrives. Turns out he is a wealthy boss who wants to marry for true love so he acts poor. Ends up marrying Millie. YAY!

Mrs. Meers
Evil owner of the Hotel Priscilla who kidnaps people!! Trademark line: "How saaaaddd to be allll alllone in the worllld!!"
Ching Ho
Ms. Meers' henchman, falls in love with Miss Dorothy(another character). He's really funny!

Ensemble     Sing and dance,etc.

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