Saturday, May 5, 2012

Teen Court

Teen Court is a really interesting program that I am in . What is Teen Court? Teen Court is when teens who are in trouble with the law agree to let other teens try their cases by acting as lawyers, jurors,court clerks, bailiffs, etc. It's serious because you are deciding someone else's future, but fun because you get to learn about the judicial  system. We participate in interesting activities during our practices before we hold our real trials. One of  the lessons we learned was what to do with unresponsive, difficult, or bad jurors. Seven people were chosen to pretend to be jurors on a murder trial. I was one of the people! I was given a slip of paper that said "Pretend to be as dumb as you can. Ask everyone to rephrase their question!" Everyone was given a different slip. Then we were questioned about our view on things for the "murder trial".! It was funny, but I really learned a lot! We have to stay serious, too, because it is a huge responsibility. My friend Anners (check out her blog here) was asked to be the prosecuting attorney for one of the cases, and I get to be her second chair. This means that I get to give the opening statement and help question the defendant as an attorney! I'll let you know all about it. Thanks for viewing!!

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