Sunday, May 13, 2012

Baby Bunnies Barrage Home!(My news article for school)

I had to write a news article for school, so I decided to write about our new bunnies!!

    Baby Bunnies Barrage Home!

  On Friday, May 11, 2012, Sherry was in her kitchen washing dishes when, suddenly,"My daughter Laura Ashley ran in and told me our mother rabbit had given birth. I said "Let me get my shoes on and I'll be right out," she recalls. "I was overwhelmed-scared some of the baby bunnies might have died but so thrilled that the kids would have bunnies to show in 4-H."

  Christopher, Sherry's son, says of the incident,"I was feeding our dogs when my sister ran and told me that our rabbit had had babies." Next, he says "Sadly, one of the baby bunnies had died, so I removed it from the cage." Mrs. Childress called her husband and informed him of the news. Around this time, a neighbor stopped by, and he too was told of the birth.

  The baby bunnies currently reside in a nesting box in their mother's cage. They are Californian Rabbits and will eventually have white fluffy fur and red eyes. Currently, their eyes are shut, they have no fur (they look somewhat like naked mole rats) and they are asleep. No pictures are available at this time.


  1. Cool and sad story :(:

  2. Laura, I LOVE your blog. Would you mind saying a few words about my blog to spread the word a bit? Thanks :D

  3. Sure! Just give me your blog link again- I think I lost it.


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