Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Snakes, spiders, coyotes,and other scary things.

I've always been scared of coyotes and snakes. Some snakes can be cute but coyotes really scare me. Coyotes are kinda like wolves and if you've ever heard of Red Riding Hood?! Okay, I know that wouldn't happen to me, but still....

 Yesterday evening, we were sitting down to dinner. My mom was looking out the window, and suddenly she yelled "Oh my goodness! There's a coyote over by the pond!" We looked outside, and a big coyote was just strolling along. He didn't hurt anything, just walked in the woods. Now for the scary part. a couple of days ago, my Dad had killed 3 snakes. One crawled under the woodpile, and we were sure we saw it. So I held Dad's big spotlight, and he shot it. It was huge and I was scared. It kept moving even though it was dead. Why? Because after their death, the muscles can move as a result of a reaction in their nerves. Usually, the movement is just a twitch, but they can spin and open their mouth and do all sorts of crazy things.

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