Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Quilt Show

Mom really liked this one!

I loved that on this quilt, called" Love,"all the Bible verses  were about love!

The rose looks real!

I had to find an owl on a quilt for the scavenger hunt!

This was so cute! A perfect Easter gift!

This quilt was really whimsical and vibrant.

All the designs are made of quilt blocks!
I liked this one a lot.
We went to a quilt show at the Cain Center, and there were all kinds of beautiful quilts. Christopher, Andrew, and I got to participate in a quilt scavenger hunt, and had a great time finding all the items!  Some of the quilts were huge, and it was hard to find items for the scavenger hunt on them. We eventually finished the hunt and won some cute stencils.  While we were there, we got to see a quilting machine that quilts large, intricate designs very quickly. There were also raffles for quilted/quilting items like a quilted sewing bag or a quilt.We also ran into several people we knew! I had such a hard time picking my favorite quilt. I couldn't decide between all the rows of quilts, because some of the designers made their work look just like a photo, and others made the designs look like they were about to pop off the quilt, and I loved both methods!! It was amazing to see all the work that went into these quilts. The people who made them must be very talented- some even said it was their first time quilting!!

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