Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Hidden Gold book review

    Marie-Grace is traveling on a steamboat to St. Louis from New Orleans with her doctor father in the 1850's. She misses her friend Cecile and her pet dog Argos but is thrilled to be riding on a steamboat. When Wilhelmina, a strange, hungry girl in need of a friend, tells Marie-Grace she needs help. Marie-Grace offers to help her. Wilhelmina tells Marie-Grace that she (Wilhelmina) is carrying gold-she just doesn't know where it is and she's searched her trunk. If she can't find the gold her father left her, her little brothers and mother will go hungry. Wanting to help the family who are in desperate need, Marie-Grace agrees to help search for the gold-but is she putting her life in danger??!!

What I liked about the book:                                                    
I'd read the other Marie -Grace books and the American Girl mysteries, so I really enjoyed reading this one. I also liked that it taught about steamboats and the 1850's. I found especial pleasure in reading about the characters and how Marie-Grace interacted with them as she is different from some of the other American Girls.

   What I didn't like about the book:
It was rather short, being a voracious reader I devoured it in less than an hour, but for someone slightly younger- maybe 9 or 10- I'd say it would be perfect. I also found that I could guess the plot by the time I was halfway finished.

4 stars!
However, overall I really liked it. It was believable and I liked the author's descriptive language. I'd give the book  4 stars.                                 

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  1. I didn't know that there was a Marie Grace one!


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