Saturday, October 27, 2012

Charlotte's Web play

So I auditioned for Charlotte's Web and got the part of Goose. At first I was a little(okay, a lot) upset, because I REALLY wanted Charlotte's.*Sniffle* Plus, I thought it would be a teeny part. But once I started looking at the script, I saw that:

  1. I have a good part with a lot of lines!
  2. It's a really fun part! I get to repeat random words over and over and honk a lot!
  3. I Googled  "Goose from Charlotte's web costume"- and there were some adorable costumes!
I'm  beginning to get really excited about the part. I hope that through this I've learned that although I can't always get to be my favorite character or may have to be a part that's out of my comfort zone, that's what acting is. We wouldn't be very good actresses/actors if we were only parts that we wanted to be, would we?
So, that's why now I'm happy to be Goose, and I wouldn't change my part! 


  1. Awesome! That sounds like a lot of fun!!

    ♥ Purple Pixie

    1. Thanks! We have practice almost every night but I think it is worth it. Have you been in any plays lately?
      Laura Ashley


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