Thursday, October 18, 2012

A trip to the doll store...

 I have been to American Girl place a few times,  but both the American Girl places in my state are far from my home. So I was super excited to find a store called My Best Friend that sells ALL sorts of doll items, mainly American Girl things, in Tyler, Texas! They had retired items and dolls, like Nellie and Samantha, Jess, Kailey, Lanie and her camper, Chrissa's picnic table ,and tons of other rare items! Guys, Jess is really pretty. And brand-new! I'm thinking about saving up.. who knows! :-) They also repair
 "hurt" (broken) dolls. Twilight fans: They have Twilight costumes and shirts in doll sizes! There were also a lot of new/newer things, like Caroline and her bed, Kit's tree house, Marie Grace, and clothes for girls and dolls. I like the option of getting dolls (especially the hard-to-find retired dolls!) instead of buying them online from an unknown person. In my opinion, this was almost as good as an American Girl Place, because although it wasn't large and didn't have a restaurant, it has many of the rare items. I did notice that some dolls ( Addy, Rebecca,and some girl of the years)weren't there, but maybe they had been sold. So if you're trying to collect a certain rare or back ordered (like Caroline!) doll in time for Christmas, I would go here!
 So, what's your favorite doll shop? Is it an AG Place. or a little doll store? Comment and let me know! 
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Here is the store's website. There are directions on it! :

They had Lanie's camper!!



Doll scrubs!

A Bitty Baby.

A nurse doll!

Can you believe they had Caroline?!!

Jess(Girl Of The Year 2006)

Kailey (Girl Of The Year 2003)

I love the apron and pot holder!

Doll Computer.

Kit's treehouse!
Thanks to Christopher for loaning me his camera! 


  1. I have Caroline!! She is AWESOME!!!!!!!!! You have to get her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Its so cool that they have Caroline! I also like the doll computer!!!

  3. This is really cool! How are their prices?

    1. The dolls start at $40(for Bitty twins) and go higher for retired ones.
      They also:
      Reattach Head $5.00
      New String for head $4.00
      Tighten or reattach limbs $5.00 each
      Hair comb out & Cleaning $10-$15
      Remove limb stains $7-15

  4. Dear Ashley,
    I have Kailey! I was given her
    by a friend who didn't want her anymore
    I got lots of her accessories and things too.
    I also have Molly we found her at the goodwill for
    3 dollars so of course we got her she even had her locket.
    And we have Felicity but I've only seen her out once
    she was my eldest sister's and she's in very like new condition but I'm not quite sure where she is now.
    Your Friend
    Poem Girl


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