Friday, October 12, 2012

Book Review of The Mighty Miss Malone

 I was at the library, looking for books. It's a small place, and most of the titles I've read. Then I saw it. In between the musty, dingy, dated volumes, sat a brand new copy of The Mighty Miss Malone. A miracle, or as Deza would say, an epiphany. From the amazing front cover and alliteration-like title, this book did not disappoint!  It painted a believable, funny-but -sometimes tragic picture of a middle class black family living during the Great Depression. 

  It's about Miss Malone-Deza,who's 12 and lives in Gary, Indiana, with her parents, Roscoe and Peg, and older brother, Jimmie, during the Great Depression. Deza loves to write  and excels in school, and Jimmie is known all around town for his Gospel singing(and his dislike for school!). At first, Deza's life is perfects and it's like she lives in her own sheltered bubble. After an accident that injures her father, she learns that they live on welfare food, that they don't own their house, and that many people are prejudiced. Her father goes to look for work and disappears, and her brother goes to find him.
    Instead of letting this get her down, Deza decides to try to change things, and ends up turning everything around and reuniting her family. Deza in a character who seemed real. The author does a great job portraying her, her brother, parents, and the rest of her friends and family in a realistic way that feels that you're right there with them. I highly recommend this book!!!
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