Monday, September 17, 2012

What I did for my 14th b-day

On September 13th, my 14th birthday, I had a great time! My grandparents came to see me, and they brought me some really nice gifts and then they played a lot of fun games with us....
My sparkly bracelet
Taylor swift's Wonderstruck perfume(Aunt Lisa got me this!)

Isn't the wrapping paper pretty?

Then my brothers and I got to go spend the weekend with Grandmama and Granddaddy!!While we were there, Mom called and told me to look at Anner's blog. Anners did a whole post just for me! (Thanks so much , Anners!) Then we went home, where I opened all my cards. I got a bunch of amazingly cute cards and a gift card to Bath and Bodyworks. (yay!) Mom and Dad got me a very pretty outfit, and a lot of American Girl History Mysteries! So I had a great birthday!


  1. Happy birthday! <3 Also, the shirt you have on in the first picture is like one I have- except mine is grey and teal :D


  2. Awesome! Happy Birthday, Laura Ashley! Guess what? I have two things to tell you. :-) Okay, so Niall from One Direction has the same birthday as you! (posted about it on my blog, LOL) and second, I think I have the same shirt as you! Or my sister!

    Purple Pixie♥

  3. Happy Birthday! My birthday was also September 13. I am glad you had a good birthday. I turned 12. If you want to read about it you can check out my mom's blog at

  4. HAPPY (late) BIRTHDAY!!!!

    I'm glad you had a good birthday! :)


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