Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Book Review of Nancy Drew #64 Captive Witness

This Nancy Drew is one of my favorites. In it, Nancy is on a trip to Europe with a group of college students and friends. Suddenly, the elderly professor in charge of the trip has his bag stolen, causing Nancy, Bess, and George to chase the thief. Why would someone steal it? They can't imagine why. However, the girls soon learn the professor isn't just some old man-he's head of a secret rescue operation to get 10 refugee children from an iron curtain country to freedom! But before she accomplish this, Nancy's father tells her there's a missing entry in a foreign film festival. Not only is the entry missing, the man who was to have entered it has disappeared! Is he being held captive, the only witness to an unsolved crime? As the two cases intertwine, Nancy realizes she's on the trail of something huge. Boat chases, kidnappings, deadly foes, and international spies-will this become the one case Nancy can't solve?

                                 READ THE BOOK TO FIND OUT!!!!!!!!


  1. I thought there were only 62 Nancy Drew books! That one looks really cool, I'll have to get it from the library and read it.

  2. That is awesome, I'll have to read it.


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