Friday, March 16, 2012

Our Party (and The Great Skunk Fiasco)

We had a party at our house yesterday for some of my Dad's co-workers. We got to explore the property, fish, play ball, and a lot of other things. A little bit of drama happened as we were setting up for the party... Mom and Andrew went to get the BBQ. Dad, Christopher and I were setting up chairs.  Then Dad said "Oh my gosh, there's a skunk in the building!"  So we started yelling and whistling at the skunk to get it to go away. It  was the same skunk that my dad had seen bothering our chickens this morning. He'd hurt it pretty bad, and it had wandered over here again, disoriented. We threw a bunch of baseballs and a volleyball at it, and it ran out of the building. But before Dad could shoot it, it ran into the garage, where I, in a moment of pure genius(lol) had left the truck door open. Bravely I ran past the skunk and shut the door. :-) (I really did, and I threw a baseball at the skunk.)  We managed to shoot the skunk. And so, the house smelt just lovely for our visitors. But we still had a great time! Everyone liked playing with all our pets and wandering in the woods, and we had fun showing them around.

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