Saturday, March 10, 2012

Safe Sitter Course! (continued)

 Today I went to the mailbox to mail a letter to my cousin Cadie Belle, who is my pen pal. To my surprise, the mail had already came. And in the middle of the newspapers, magazines, letters and junk mail, a envelope was nestled. It had the name of the school where I took my Safe Sitter Course on it, and I just KNEW it was either my certification or a note saying I had to retake the class. I was SO scared, because the envelope felt thin. But I PASSED!! I am now a Certified Safe Sitter!!
It says "Laura Ashley C. has satisfactorily completed the requirements of the Safe Sitter program." (Then it has the name of my instructor and the date) I'm so excited. Now I can babysit!

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  1. Awesome!! I hope you have a great time babysitting!
    ♥ Purple Pixie


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