Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Book Review of America Sisters- A Titanic journey Across the Sea

My mom read this book to my brothers and I, and we all really enjoyed it...

America Sisters- A Titanic journey Across the Sea is about:
Sixteen year old Alfreda Anderson returns from her job in the city to her country home in Sweden to find her little brother, Karl, dead and her home in chaos. Papa sent two tickets to America on the White Star Line's new ship, the Titanic, and in a strange twist, Alfreda and her ten year old sister Erna will be going to America alone. Alfreda is thrilled. She'll never have to work for her stingy relatives again! She can go to school, learn English, become wealthy... Erna hates leaving the farm and the little trolls she thinks live there. She's nothing like Alfreda. The two girls must learn to get along, and just when they start to think that they can handle anything, a mysterious ring gets them in trouble with  stewards on the Titanic, strange roommates bother them, and they get lost... Still, Alfreda and Erna are certain that everything will be fine-until April 14, 1912, when the Titanic goes down. This is a great read!

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