Saturday, March 3, 2012

Broiler Chicks (and an emergency bird surgery)

We got broiler chicks for 4-H, but one of our chicks had a problem with it's leg. The other chicks could tell that something was wrong with him and started pecking at him. We pulled him out to see what was wrong and to move him into another pen when we noticed the problem.  My Dad said he would try to help it.  And so, it appears when the chick broke out of it's egg sac, part of the sac wrapped around the leg and as the chick grew, the 'growth' got tighter around his leg, not allowing him to move it properly. We managed to wet that part, loosening it, then cut off the extra sac. The chick was not too happy about this until we were done.  I was assisting with the 'surgery', getting supplies and trying to help hold the chick still. We found he had a growth on his leg, where the 'extra sac' was connected, that was infected. We cleaned and tried to disinfect it.  It appears the surgery was successful so far - our little Chicky made it through the night and will hopefully be OK!  He is not getting around too good yet but now learning how too walk with that bad leg.  He has a long way to go but we hope he makes it.  He appears to be healthy in other ways, grooming himself, eating and drinking good.  I know you aren't supposed to get attached to your chickens, but this little guy is an exception! (Those are his friends in the above photos.)


  1. I hope that your chick gets better!
    What do you do with the chickens after they are grown up?
    Purple Pixie

  2. Hi Purple Pixie!! Little Chicky has learned how to walk and hop!He's so cute. In answer to your question, some of our chickens we show in 4-H and some we keep for eggs.
    -Laura Ashley


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