Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Safe Sitter Course!

I took a  Safe Sitter Course, and I learned so much. What is a Safe Sitter Course? Well, Safe Sitter was founded in 1980 by a emergency room doctor. One of the nurses in his emergency room had left her little girl with a sitter and came to work. An hour later, the little girl was in the emergency room. She'd started choking and the sitter didn't know what to do. The doctor decided to found Safe Sitter classes to educate boys and girls 11-13 on how to care for kids, choking rescue,etc. When I got to the school library where I was taking the course, I was given a folder with information on :

  • How, why and where injuries happen so you can prevent them from happening in the first place.
  • How to decide how serious a problem is if someone isinjured.
  • How to get help if you need it.
  • How to keep yourself safe when babysitting.
  • How a child's age affects how to care for them.
  • How to prevent problem behavior.
  • How to rescue a choking infant or child.
  • How to run your babysitting business
(The items in bold are from ther Safe Sitter site.)

After going over the items in our folder, we learned how to do choking rescue on infants and on older kids. If someone is choking, don't slap them on the back or hold up there hands. That causes the item to go farther down their airway.Instead, preform abdominable thrusts if they are older than 1.

The dummies we did choking rescue on.

Me diapering a 'baby'...

Choking Rescue

More choking rescue...
After all of this, we took a test and preformed choking rescue for our instructor. If I passed, I'll get a card in the mail saying I am a CERTIFIEDd SAFE SITTER!!! I can't wait! Then I can babysit!!


  1. I hope that you do get a letter that says you can babysit! This year I am going to take a course somewhere to learn things like that!
    Purple Pixie

    1. Thanks! I got my certification! :)YES!


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