Monday, September 26, 2011

 We went to a homeschool science class at the John Bunker Sands Wetlands Center, and it was really fun! The center is on a working ranch and is partnered with the ranch. It is over 2,100 acres of wetlands! In the science class we learned how to identify animal tracks and scat.(scat is poop!) Hog tracks look a little bit like cow tracks, and hog poop looks like dog poop but rounded. The picture of the green thing is a seedpod full of air that the naturalist/leader said is a wild seedpod.Since we found it on a plant in a little island, she said it probably blew or floated across the water. It floated even after we cut one of the sides, which impressed the whole class. We saw little blue herons, egrets, hawks, killdeer, etc. The leader said they had otters there,but I did not see any...sniff,sniff.:-(However, they actually had a peregrine falcon there AND we saw bobcat scat. So, it was a good trip.
Recognize these people?

green seedpod
view off bridge

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