Saturday, September 10, 2011

4-H Photography Clinic

Wofford House-I did not take this
So, on Saturday there was a county wide 4-H photography clinic, and it was at the East Texas Arboretum. I had a ton of fun, and I got some REALLY bad pictures and a few good pictures.It was really neat to learn about focusing the lens and different camera settings. It was cool that morning, which was nice, and I kinda went photo-crazy! I love touring the restored old house called Wofford house. It is really, really pretty! Another thing I love about the Arboretum are the walking/biking trails and the playground . I LOVE the Arboretum! 

sign in playhouse


old trunk in Wofford house

keyhole in Wofford house

I took this by accident!

patchwork bear in playhouse

cute hopscotch sign

Me and the Clover Kids
Christopher took this

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