Sunday, September 4, 2011

Meals of Kindness

                                        Meals of Kindness
Today I am going to tell you about something I love doing. Several churches in our area help feed over 600 needy people one Wednesday a month.Our family and many other people help serve the food and bus the tables. I also get to help in the kids area. We teach the kids Bible story,or make a little craft with them. I like to visit with the kids and play LEGO's with them. All of the little kids want you to play with them. They are SO cute!Sometimes people do spelling bees for the children and I like to think up words for them to use. One of the other fun things you can do to help is bring homemade desserts.Make sure you test a large amount of each dessert to make sure it is good!:-) If you want to come help, it is at Eastern Hills Church of Christ in Athens, Texas.

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