Monday, August 29, 2011

Soul Surfer Movie/Book Review

Soul Surfer is the inspiring true story of Bethany Hamilton who was attacked by a shark, losing her arm, and  gave God the glory through everything.She learned to surf with only one arm, winning lots of championships. She helps with relief efforts all over the world and is just a SUPER AWESOME person! :-) Even through all of her hardships, she remained strong in her faith in God. The book and the movie are both Christian. I wish I could meet Bethany and tell her how much I admire her! A great thing she did was help kids who had lost arms or legs by talking to them and encouraging them.Oh, another awesome thing: She was home schooled like me!Well,that's it for now-Thanks For Reading!


  1. I saw the movie, and you're right -- it is AMAZING! I love Soul Surfer!

  2. I heard that the movie and the book were good! i wanted to see this movie so bad!


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