Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Taylor Swift Speak Now CD review

I LOVE  Taylor Swift, and so I was thrilled to get her CD a few months ago. Having listened to it so much that it is now messing up :-) (really!), I can certainly recomend it to you! It has a ton of songs on there and is really cool. I like Taylor Swift because she is and tries to be a good role model for younger girls. I also like that she wears cute dresses and can sing/write songs very well. I like writing poems& stories, too, that's another reason why I like her (a lot!) Also, I think Taylor really loves her fans and is a hard worker. She worked since she was 11 in country music! I read in a fan magazine that she likes sour patch kids and sending letters on cute cards. Most people would decide they were too busy to help charities, but she donated her old prom dress to charity and is helping a lot with relief efforts in Joplin,etc. So, that's why I like Taylor Swift. Thanks for reading!

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