Monday, August 15, 2011

How to Write a Poem

Okay, here are some tips on how to write a poem (and a poem by me that kinda stinks!):
1. Write about something you love!
2. Know a few things on the topic you're writing about.
3. Your poem doesn't have to rhyme.
4. Jot down ideas and how the subject makes you feel, then work with them until they rhyme or you like how it sounds.
5. Keep a good poem journal and even a bad poem journal! Someday you could realize one of your bad poems is great and want it.
6. Share your work! I always hide my stories but share my poems, for some weird reason!
            Summer morning
                                by me!
            The clouds slowly melt away
            In rolls a sunny day.
            Fresh smells from last night's rain are everywhere
            and sunbeams and laughter are in the air.
            Birds chirp and tweet;
            dewdrops form on the lawn chair's seat.
            all over the house frowns turn to smiles
           (that seem to stretch for miles!)
           Because this is a summer morning.

I found this pic on the web, it reminds me of the view from our back pasture before all the pretty green  grass turned brown! It is from

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