Saturday, August 13, 2011

My life...

So, recently I've been doing a lot of fun things.The fun things: We went to the School of Instruction, then I went to the Museum of Nature/Science in Dallas with my Rainbow Girls group for our Grand Tour,and here are some pics:
this showed if you were hot or cold

LEGO skyline exhibit.

This was a really fun trip! The museum had a lot of neat exhibits on the human body which I enjoyed  because I want to be a pediatric nurse. I also liked all the cool crystals in the rock room.The LEGO skyline exhibit was all about the skyline of Dallas, which was really funny to see, especially the Old Red Courthouse, because I just went there!The sad thing was that there was a bunch of exhibits on evolution. :-( Evolution is not biblical..people who are evolutionists believe we evolved from apes, but Creationists like me believe God made everything when He made Creation.) Also at the museum was a    moving dinosaur that growled and a Chinasaurs exhibit. Chinasaurs were dinosaurs they found in China, I think. At the gift shop I got sour strawberry rock of my very favorite things!

Old Red Courthouse built out of LEGO's
He moved and growled!


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