Friday, August 10, 2012

The Tangled web- a Julie Mystery

It's 1974, and Julie meets a new girl, Carla, and the two become fast friends. But why is Carla saying such strange things? And how can Julie help the sad young man at the Vietnam Veteran's Center? Is the woman at the farmer's market really who Carla says she is? All of Carla's stories don't add up, and Julie becomes suspicious. As she investigates, she learns lies really are a tangled web. On top of all this, Julie must give up her room to the eccentric Ms. Joyce, her mother's friend. Lies, an unwelcome visitor, a mysterious young soldier....maybe Julie's week won't be so boring after all!!

This book was AMAZING. It was super suspenseful, and really kept me guessing. I loved how the author worked different elements in with the story-quotes,little details, sayings from 1974, etc. The book teaches a little about the Vietnam war through the view point of a 10-11 year old American girl growing up in 1974.

 The Julie and Ivy(her best friend) dolls...


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