Friday, August 31, 2012

French Fries and Friends!

 Our pastor gave our youth group a scenario. "Charlie and Charlene Christian are new to church. They are interested in community service activities, but their church doesn't have many opportunities. What are some things the youth group could do?"
One of the things we suggested was visiting with nursing home residents. And so, we decided we'd go eat at McDonald's,then head to the nursing home. (I had my usual, a Quarter Pounder with cheese. And I stole all of Christopher's pickles off of his burger.:-)
Once we got to the nursing home, we had a great time! We visited with the residents, and asked them to tell us a little about themselves. Wow! They had some really interesting life stories. It was so fun to hear about what they had done when they were our age.We decided we should come at lunch instead of after, because most of the residents were asleep! However, we still had a good time. Ms. Betty, one of the ladies who lives at the nursing home, played the piano for us, and we enjoyed talking with her and the others. One man had fought in WW II,and his wife remembered working across the street from the Texas School Book Depository the day JFK was assassinated. Another man was an amazing artist. Ms. Betty could play the piano from memory. And Mr. Hix could beat us all at 42.

I can't wait for the next Sunday visit!!

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