Friday, August 31, 2012

Indiana Jones books

How I could have gone so long without reading these books is puzzling. For someone who likes adventure, mystery, and history books like I do, the books are a must-have! I've never seen the movies, but I do know the books don't have any bad words- and the movies do. (The books are adapted for teens)So, I advise you to read the books, watch the trailers on you tube,and then ask your parents to let you see the movies(or at least that's my plan!) Under the picture of each book I'm going to put a mini review.
It's 1935, and Indiana Jones is hired by a "wealthy collector" (gangster) who tries to kill him. In an attempt to escape, Indiana, Willie(a spoiled singer who seems like a brat but turns out okay in the end) and Short Round, Indy's junior assistant-end up in a remote village. Indy is asked to help recover the village's children, who were kidnapped by the blood-thirsty Thugees. It's up to Indy to save them -but will he be able to save himself, Willie, and Short Round when the Thugees decide to fight back?

1938. Hitler is rising to power- and he wants the Ark of the Covenant because he thinks it will make him powerful. So the American Government hires the famous archaeologist Dr. Jones, to find it before the Nazi's do- and to figure out what's going on. Can Indy triumph over the forces of evil? Along with the bedazzling Marion and Sallah, his trusted Egyptian guide, once again it's up to Indy and his bullwhip to save a precious treasure and keep it safe for all time.

Indiana's father has spent his entire life searching for the Holy grail-a cup that was believed to have been used by Jesus. So when Indy's called to find it, he can't understand why his father wasn't called instead- until he learns his father was kidnapped by the Nazis.(Look at the trailer for this one on youtube. It came out in 1981 and it's amazing)Indy comes face to face with the Nazi's evil leader Hitler, breaks into a Nazi-occupied castle, rides for miles hanging off the side of a tank-trust me, it's amazing.

1955, Indy's too old for adventure, right? NO! Being kidnapped by Soviets, searching for lost cities, and trying to help a mysterious teenage boy find his kidnapped mother and uncle-this book is great1It's full of surprises and shows that Indy can do anything!(almost. He's still afraid of snakes.:-) Indy and Mutt  head to South America to find them, meeting grave robbers, ancient warriors, scorpions-and a few pleasant surprises as well.


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