Thursday, August 16, 2012


1. Thank the person who gave you the award and leave a link

Thanks, Jenny!

2. Why did you get a blog?

I got a blog because I love writing and enjoy telling others about fun things to do and great books to read.!

                          3. What is you favorite animal?

               I love cats, otters, dogs, koalas, zebras, and all our pets.

                4. What inspired your blog template?
My Dad helped me make my blog, and we were looking through templates, and we were both thought this one would be perfect.
5. What is/are your favorite color(s)?

Pink, yellow, teal blue.

6. What is your favorite thing about your blog?

My favorite thing about my blog is getting comments saying they read my review and it inspired them to read the book or it helped them with school... things like that!

7. What's your favorite blog?
On my blog there's a sidebar, and near the bottom is something called called My Blog list.It's all the blogs I follow. I love every blog on it!

                  8. Award 5 people this award:

Natalie at  Leap of faith
Aidyl at Aidyl Ewoh
Emma at Everyday Emma
Erynn at Little Blue Eyes

9. Notify the nominees.


  1. I awarded you @ my blog!

  2. You won a prize at the giveaway at my blog Laura!!! Come see! :)


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