Monday, June 18, 2012

Hitty : Her First Hundred Years

Hitty: Her First Hundred Years was first written by Rachel Fields in 1930. Rosemary Wells and Susan Jeffers revised this version. This version is the sometimes sad, sometimes hilarious story of Hitty, a doll who travels all over the world, meeting many people and learning many things. Hitty is carved out of mountain ash wood in Maine for Phoebe Preble, a sea captain's daughter, by a peddler. During her time with Phoebe, many things happen to Hitty, including falling overboard,  living in a tiny temple built for her by natives, and meeting monkeys. But one day, Phoebe falls asleep and drops Hitty unknowingly while being carried back to the ship to head for home. So Hitty is left in a gutter in India and found by a snake charmer and used in his show. Missionaries to India see her there and buy her for their little girl, who later brings her to the States, is embarrassed of Hitty and shoves her in a sofa . Rescued from the sofa by a Quaker girl, Hitty eventually meets Confederate and Yankee soldiers, Abraham Lincoln ,Theodore Roosevelt and his kids, a girl who hates dolls, lots of girls who love dolls, and "some big Irish family in Hyannisport whose name I have forgotten." (she means the Kennedys)

Hitty in the natives' temple 

The house where Hitty is made, the Preble's home, is a real place on Cranberry Island, Maine. You can tour it and buy Hitty dolls! At this site you can buy Hitty paper dolls, learn all about Hitty, and see her new adventures. I really enjoyed the story. I give the book 5 stars! It's a great way to teach history.

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