Friday, June 8, 2012

Gail Carson Levine

I must confess, I am addicted to Gail Carson Levine's books. Fairest, The Two Princesses of Baymare, all the Princess Tales series,and now, Ever.
Starting with Ella Enchanted at age nine, I've been hooked ever since. Her stories are fantasy, yet they have a sense of mystery,too.I like her books because the plots aren't too easy, like in some fantasy books-well, you know-something goes wrong and poof- it's magically swept away by Berna the fairy godmother. What I like about Gail Carson Levine's books is that they aren't like that.

Fairest  is the story of a Aza, a girl who is ugly in a land where everyone believes beauty and singing are the two best qualities on earth. Aza works at her adoring adoptive family's Inn, until a dame who spends the night their invites Aza to come to the palace for a ceremony. No one knows Aza can sing-if someone will give her a chance. But then a kind young prince falls in love with her, despite her looks, and things are going well .Aza even becomes Lady Aza, and is asked by queen Ivi to not only to be her lady in waiting, but to sing-for Ivi. Ivi, who is beautiful yet can't sing forces Aza to sing,making her  throw her voice so it seems the queen can sing. When Aza is caught doing this, however Ivi blames her and banishes her, sending a huntsman to kill Aza(like in Snow White!) Instead the huntsman takes Aza to live with friendly gnomes, were she is well-cared for and happy-until the day a strange apple appears.....


Ever is the story of Kezi, a girl living in ancient times, whose life is put in danger when her father makes a rash promises to the god they believe in , Admat. (Ever sort of reminds me of ancient mythology, with all the gods. ) Through a twist of events, Kezi is destined to be sacrificed to the gods. But not if Olus, the handsome young god of the winds can help it! He comes up with a risky plan to try to turn her into a godess, but if that doesn't work, alll is lost. I read the book 5 times already and cried just a little. It's really,really good. (This is fantasy, of course I do not believe there are a15 gods or any other god than Jesus, the one true God.)

I found all these books at my local library. I absolutely love the library!


  1. I also LOVE Gail Carson Levine's books! I've read both of those. Have you read The Princess Tales?

  2. I forgot that you said that you had read The Princess Tales.


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