Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Book Review of The Calder Game

  13 year-old Calder Pillay heads to a quaint English town with his father only to find a Calder sculpture in the middle of the square and everyone mad that it's disturbed the village's simple life. And because he's named after the famous sculptor-artist, it seems everyone is mad at him. So when Calder disappears shortly after talking to a strange man in the square, it's up to his friends Tommy and Petra to find him. With people being knocked out, statues vanishing, and a mysterious X that was left in the square as their only clue, it looks like Tommy and Petra have their work cut out for them- as long as they don't disappear, too...

I really liked this book a lot. I enjoyed the illustrations, the plot, and the author's style of writing. In fact, I liked it better than its prequel, Chasing Vermeer. I would recommend reading Chasing Vermeer beforehand, as it gives you a good introduction to the characters.  I also loved that the book included puzzles for you to solve, too. If you like this book, you'll probably enjoy these books, too; Shakespeare's Secret and Masterpiece. Maybe I'll do a review about those books, too.

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