Thursday, January 26, 2012

Trinity Mother Frances Hospital Tour

We went on a hospital tour with our TACHE group. My awesome mother had set it up, so of course it was great.:-)First we went to see the helicopter. The paramedic and nurse who work on it were very nice and let us climb in it. We learned that the helicopter is one of the largest ones in Texas. It's main rotor blades don't blow in the wind, and they are 11 feet instead of 6 feet so they don't hurt the workers or patients as they're being loaded in. From there, we went to labor and delivery.The nurse who spoke to us was very informative and told us what kind of education you need to work there. She said she had to take a special test every two years so she could keep her certification. We also learned about the hospital's new system of keeping babies with their moms instead of whisking them away to be measured, weighed,etc.They do all the measuring, weighing, and other things in the room so the mom and baby can be together. They'd redone the hospital so we couldn't go by the nursery. We were all like"Oh, can we go see the babies?!":-) After that, we went to the lab. That was great! We got to see what happens after you give blood.1. First, the blood is labeled with a bar code. 2. The bar code is read by a computer, and a machine sorts all the blood and scans it. Our tour guide told us that when you get blood drawn, make sure the nurse labels it.You don't want them to have to draw it again, especially at 3:00 a.m! We got to see how infections are discovered, and then we went to the best and maybe grossest room.

* DO NOT READ THIS  IF YOU ARE EASILY GROSSED OUT!* We went in this little room that smelt like acetone (a.k.a nail polish remover), and we got to see a gall bladder and gall stones being dissected. Gall stones look and are the same size as peppercorns.The gall bladder just looked like a slimy, green, rolled up tissue. The doctor who was doing the dissecting was speaking into a microphone and pressing a little pedal with his foot. He was recording what he saw by saying it into the mic and then pressing the pedal.

The tour was great, everybody was friendly, and I had a great time. I want to be a nurse or doctor, so I especially enjoyed it.

                                                Here are some pictures I took of the helicopter. 


  1. That sounds immensely interesting. I found your blog from the homeschooling carnival, and I think it is great!

    1. that was cool. i saw a helicopter too.


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