Monday, January 23, 2012

Martin Luther King Study

We've been doing  a Martin Luther King study.
I made a lapbook, which you can get for free at

We watched a video...
...and read some books.

Then I wrote a report:

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. - A man with a dream
                                                                                                By Laura Ashley
I have a dream today!”-Martin Luther King Jr.
 Martin Luther King Jr. was born Michael King Jr. on January 15, 1929 in Atlanta, Georgia. His father changed his name to Martin Luther after the German Protestant reformer. Martin, or M.L. as he was called, was a very bright child. He entered 1st grade at the age of 5. Martin first experienced prejudice when his white neighbors refused to let him play with their son, who had been Martin’s best friend. When Martin asked the boy why they couldn’t play together anymore, the boy told him it was because he was black. Martin never forgot that day.
M.L‘s father was a Baptist preacher, and he taught his three children Christine, Martin Luther, and A.D, to love God and obey him. Martin’s mother taught the children songs, and all 3 took piano lessons from a strict teacher. Their teacher would rap their knuckles if they made a mistake, so all of the children hated the piano. One night A.D snuck downstairs and tried to break the piano with a hammer! (It didn’t work. You can still see the piano when you tour Martin’s house.)
Martin entered college at the age of 15, having skipped the 9th and 12th grades. At first, he rebelled against his Christian teachings by drinking and partying, but after taking a Bible class he realized how wrong he’d been. While in college, he read a book on Gandhi and was inspired by his peaceful tactics. At the age of 19 he graduated. Deciding to become a minister, he entered Crozer Theological Seminary. After becoming a minister, he met Coretta Scott, whom he married. Martin joined the NAACP, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, but he didn’t become famous until 1955, when Rosa Parks, an African American seamstress, was told to give up her seat on a bus to a white man, as was the law. She refused, and was arrested. E.D. Nixon, a key founder of the NAACP, paid her $14 bail.
    Outraged that Rosa had been arrested, Martin organized a peaceful bus boycott. It was simple-no one rode the buses! The bus company lost a lot of money. To trick the boycotters, they called the newspapers and told them a false story.”The boycott’s over!” they said. “Ride the buses!”But Martin and others found out about the trick and told people the true story-the boycott wasn’t over. Eventually, in 1956, the Supreme Court ruled that segregation on public buses wasn’t legal. The boycott was really over.
 But many other places were still segregated. So Martin started peaceful protest marches and sit-ins. He was a good leader/speaker, and people listened to him. Martin was jailed 30 times, even though he’d done nothing wrong. Police brutally attacked marchers-even children. But Martin kept working for civil rights.
In 1966, he gave his famous “I Have a Dream” speech at the March on Washington, which he led. Over 200,000 people attended. Martin was opposed to the Vietnam War. He felt that money spent on the war could’ve been spent on civil rights or helping poor people. Martin started a war on poverty. It was called the War on Poverty! He moved with his family to a Chicago slum and lived there for a few weeks to draw attention to the horrible living conditions there. He accomplished many great things.
  Martin was assassinated by James Earl Ray on April 4, 1968, on a hotel balcony. Many influential people attended his funeral, including Robert Kennedy and future president Richard M. Nixon. Martin Luther King ended segregation. Now anyone can eat in any restaurant, can watch a movie in any theater, and drink from any water fountain. They can sit on any bus, and they can go to any park-all because of Martin Luther King, a man with a dream.
Fast Facts on Martin Luther King
·        He was the youngest Nobel Peace Prize winner.
·        He was the Monopoly champion of his family!
·        He had 4 kids.

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