Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Book Review of Nancy Drew #10: Password to Larkspur Lane

I've been re-reading ( for the 35th time)  Nancy Drew #10: Password to Larkspur Lane, and I love it! Here's a summary:
Nancy finds an injured homing pigeon that has a strange message on it. The message is "Trouble here. After  5 o'clock bluebells will be singing horses. Come tonight." The Homing Pigeon Association says since the bird isn't registered they can't trace the owner, so Nancy says she'll take care of it. Hannah Gruen, Nancy's housekeeper, gets hurt, so Nancy takes her to the doctors home office. The doctor's wife says he's out and asks Nancy to answer the phone if it rings. A strange man calls and tells Nancy to tell Doctor Spire "If you say bluebells, you will get into trouble , for they are no longer used here".  A few minutes later, the doctor returns, examines Hannah, then tells Nancy he has a mystery for her and her father, a lawyer who's famous in his their hometown, River Heights. The doctor tells them he was kidnapped and taken to a room. There, he was "told to doctor an elderly woman, who had dislocated her shoulder. The other person in the room said she was a nurse and told me to not talk to the patient. The woman seemed to be trying to talk to me, and she slipped me this." The doctor shows them a bracelet and says he thinks the woman is bring held prisoner. The doctor tells Nancy that he learned the password to the strange place- "As we were leaving, I was blindfolded. The driver stopped and said "Bluebells" then someone said" Pass". In a interesting twist of events, Nancy finds herself caught up in a rescue attempt to save the elderly woman from a ruthless gang. I give this book 5 stars.


  1. i just finished reading bo this book today.. and i was very impressed im just reviewing it because i have to take a ar test on it when i get back to schooll it was not my favorite but it was close my favorite is the bungalow mystery looooooove that one now im getting ready to reas the whispering statue hopr its good..............

  2. I love that book and your blog. please keep posting! im on nancy drew book #57


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