Saturday, May 28, 2011




  A few days ago we went to the new FRESH store. It was made by the people who own Brookshire's, but it is bigger than Brookshire's and supposed to have the FRESHest ingredients. They had a make- your-own gelato bar, a granola bar,a taco bar, different fruits from all over the world, and a restaurant. There was a  sushi counter, a cheese counter, and a meat counter with  sushi, cheese, and meat from all over the world.  Plus, they had  regular grocery store stuff. AND they had an awesome bakery. I got to get a little key lime pie tart at the bakery. It was topped with toasted marshmallows in the shape of the flower.So cute! There were people called FRESHologists, and their job is to give, you samples of new foods and encourage you to make/try them. It is in Tyler. Here is the address- you should go there!  
6991 Old Jacksonville Hwy
Tyler, TX 75703


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