Wednesday, May 25, 2011


 We are doing a "Japan Study". Here is one of my reports (I shortened it for the blog) on people, places, and things in Japan:
     Nagasaki is one of Japan's major cities. It is located on one of the many islands that make up Japan. The island is called Kyushu.Since Nagasaki is surronded by water, it was a major trading port with other countries during the 16th century. When Japan passed a law banning trades with all other countries except Korea,the Netherlands, and China, a port in Nagasaki became the only port in Japan still trading with all other countries. The port was called Dejima.  One of Nagasaki's famous deserts is the Nagasaki Castella sponge cake. It is fluffy, light, and moist. It's believed the cake originated in Spain, and was brought to Nagasaki during the 16th century by Portuguese monks. Nagasaki was bombed during the end of WW2.During this time, many of Nagasaki's historic buildings were destroyed. However, Nagasaki is still a interesting place to visit.

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