Monday, May 23, 2011


 In my science, I am learning about the greenhouse effect. A greenhouse is covered in clear glass or plastic, right? So when the sun's rays pass through the clear glass or plastic,it warms the things inside. Then these things in turn reflect some of the heat. But, when the heat tries to get out, it can't, because it is trapped by the glass.Our atmosphere acts a lot like a greenhouse. The sun's rays = short waves that come through the atmosphere and warm stones, dirt, and water. The reflected heat rays are really long rays, which means it is really hard for them to get through the atmosphere. They are surrounding by water vapor and carbon dioxide in the air. This is called the greenhouse effect. If it weren't for the water vapor and carbon dioxide, Earth would be too HOT! More of Earth's warmth is being trapped by the greenhouse effect, and scientists have found a warming trend in our climate. All though they are not quite sure what will become of all this,some think unusual weather patterns will result.
  To find out how the greenhouse effect works, gather 2 thermometers, a shoe box, and a sheet of clear plastic. Then,put one thermometer in the box. Cover it with plastic. Place the other one beside it, uncovered. Try to put them both in full sun. Observe them both. The one in the box should get a higher temp. Why? Because the box acts like a mini greenhouse.

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