Thursday, April 28, 2011

Mini Rex Rabbits

 We have Castor Mini Rex rabbits,and we currently have six.(We also have 3 Californian, but that's for later) My bunnies are named Papa Cuddles and Taylor Swift. Here are some things to know if you are thinking of getting Mini Rex rabbits; We feed them a 1/2 cup of Purina rabbit chow a day. Their cages have trays filled with newspaper at the bottom, and we change these every 2 days. It is kinda gross but you get used to it. They drink from water bottle things that hook on to the cage. We give ours fresh water daily. If your girl bunny is pregnant she should get more food and water. If she starts pulling her fur out, DO NOT PANIC!!!
  Give her some cotton batting and hay, plus a metal box called a nesting box. She will shape these into a 'nest' for the babies. If she keeps pulling out her fur, just add more hay. If it is cold when the babies are born you may want to put a heat lamp near them. You can show the mom and babies in doe and litter.

 Show rules differ, find out for your type of rabbit breed and area. If you are showing Castor Mini Rex rabbits, here is what you do(if you are registered.): 1. They will call "Mini Rex ,then senior/junior  buck/doe or doe&litter. Senior = older rabbit. Junior = younger rabbit.(not babies.)  Buck = boy bunny. Doe = girl bunny. So, if you have a young girl, she is a junior doe. 2. Unless you have a doe & litter, bring your furry friend to the show table. Their is a row of cages with doors on each side. Put your rabbit in one and shut the door. the judge will examine your and everyone else's bunny. If you have a doe & litter, leave them in the cage you brought them in. Then he hands out ribbons, and you are done! (Some shows have the rabbits stay for the week, so school groups can see them.Ours did.)

                                                          Day old babies in nesting box.

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