Thursday, April 28, 2011

Super Scribblenauts

                      Okay! I admit it- I LOVE this game!! It is so fun! You can write anything, like: polka-dot flying bath tub, or,a  Big Crunch apple. You have different puzzles to solve, and you write something to solve it with. Say the hint is: Help the man jump off the cliff. You are the main character, Maxwell, but you can can 'buy' others. I am Cleopatra, my brother is Maxwell's evil twin. Our friend plays a s a Vampire Hunter. :-)You could just give him a parachute,but.. you could also put a giant, fluffy pillow by the cliff, or a big bowl of soft, cozy ice cream.When you win, you get "ollars", which are Super Scribblenaut's currency, and a 'starite',which is a pointy star. It is actually my brother's, but I borrowed it. I've played all the levels.. I am a official Scribblenaut!

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