Monday, March 21, 2011


                   Hi, everyone! guess what? I was in Highlights magazine! At first I was super embarrassed, because it was the embarrassing story contest. It is in the April issue of Highlights.  But then I read the silly stories other kids sent in, and it wasn't too bad. By the 100'th Kleenex, I realized that some people might like to hear it. After "kind" comments from my family: "Ha,Ha HA!" "Get over it" "This is hilarious!", I finally relented and am posting it here: Once my family and I were at a really crowded event. I realized I'd left my bag inside, so I ran to get it. When I came back out,I saw a car that looked exactly like our car. I opened the door-and screamed! A mom and 6 kids were staring at me! Then I saw my mom's car parked beside that car. Thank goodness I found our car. I didn't want to get in the wrong car again!

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