Thursday, March 10, 2011

Emergency Room @ midnight!

  Last Wednesday was crazy! We were driving down the road, and we heard: POP! CLING! CLANG!    POP! Something was wrong with our suburban. I think it was a U-joint, whatever that is.  So, we fixed that. Then, when we got home, my brothers and I were playing outside, when my littlest brother fell and hurt his arm/elbow. We didn't think it was too bad. But,at supper,he didn't even eat with that arm, (and he likes to eat..Clue#1) Then, after supper, my dad felt his elbow and was like, "Oh my gosh! I think it's broken! So we went to the emergency room.(at 7:00)
  We made friends with some nice people while we waited, and they homeschool,too!  We had a good time talking to them. But I felt bad for Andrew. Poor little guy, he was crying the whole time.:-(  A nice doctor helped him, which helped. Then, I saw one of my friends, who had been in a car wreck! Then we left. @ midnight.This Wednesday, he got a neon blue cast. He luvs it. I was the first one to sign it.
       Thanks for viewing!

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