Thursday, June 20, 2013

4-H State Roundup

Thursday I went to State 4-H Roundup at Texas A&M University. It was HUGE. There are 254 counties in the state of Texas, and at least one   4-H club from that county is at State. So, of there are ten kids from every county, that's 2,540 4-Hers. Which makes for a crazy, hectic, and fun week. :) I participated in a Healthy Lifestyles Invitational Contest with two really good friends of our family.
My Healthy Lifestyles team with our prizes! 
The Healthy Lifestyles contest is when you study 8 classes of facts, and place them.It's like Livestock Judging or Consumer Decision Making in a way. I'll explain:
You study things like teen driving safety, the My Plate, how to understand a nutrition label, things of that nature. Then you have a scenario you place. For example:

John is not supposed to drive past his curfew, which is midnight. Which one of the following should he do if Bob wants a ride home, and it's 11: 30 p.m ? He doesn't want to break the law!

Confusing? You bet! But, luckily, if you've studied the packet, you know which laws are important for him to follow depending on his age and what he should do. You place all the classes according to what you feel are the best options. So if you think option 2 is the best, 4 is okay, 1  is poor, and 3 is bad, you'd bubble in 2,4,1,3 on the scantron. Then your team has to give a speech.My team placed third, and one of the boys on my team won 1st high point individual! I'm  so  proud of my team, and I hope to try this contest and more again next year!!

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