Saturday, February 4, 2012

Treasures of the Snow Book Review

Treasures of the Snow is a wonderful book about faith, forgiveness, and friendship. When a lonely and misunderstood boy named Lucien accidently causes little Dani Brinker to fall off a cliff, Dani's sister Annette vows she hates Lucien and will never befriend him or forgive him. The next day, Lucien, wracked with guilt, runs into the woods instead of going to school and meets an old man. The man tells Lucien he, too once did something wrong. He gambled his money away, robbed a bank, and was put in prison. His wife died while he was in prison and he hasn't talked to his two now grown-up sons. He tries to help Lucien by teaching the boy how to make a beautiful toy ark and animals for Dani, who is badly hurt. When Lucien, eager to apoligize, brings the toys to Dani, Annette confronts him at the door, smashes the ark and tells him to go away. Dani finds the toys admist the shattered ark and loves them, deciding that fairies must have made them.Lucien, with advice from the old man, carves a wooden horse for the school's project show. He lays it on the balcony one night when his mother calls him. Anette, who is walking by, sees the horse. She doesn't want Lucien to be happy because she is unhappy that Dani can never walk again. SO, she breaks the little horse. Lucien doesn't enter the carving contest and is very sad. He hears of a famous doctor who has come to town and askes the old man if he thinks the doctor can heal Dani. The old man says he thinks so, and gives Lucien his life's savings to pay the doctor. In the middle of a blinding snowstorm, Lucien sets off. He arrives at the office, faints, and nearly dies. No one can believe he came through the snow but they realize he did.
Read the book to find out what happens next!

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